Why are Fewer College Coaches Showing up for ASA Gold Softball Tournaments ?

When College Sports Exposure scouted the ASA Gold Regional held on June 21-23, 2013 at Gateway Park at 750 Beach Street, Fort Worth, Texas and the ASA Gold Regional held on June 28-30th at Dyess Park in Cypress, Texas, the maximum Division NCAA Division 1 college coaches present were about 3 or 4 at each tournament.  College coaches present were from Texas and Louisiana.   There were about 50 travel teams present at both tournaments.

In 2002, the ASA Gold Qualifier was held at Killeen.  There were at least 10 and likely 20 NCAA Div. 1 college coaches present.
University of Texas at Austin, University of Florida, Texas A&M, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and many other colleges were present.  There were college coaches from many states beside Texas and Louisiana.  There were about 15 to 20 travel teams participating.

Why are fewer college coaches showing up at the 2013 ASA Gold Qualifiying Tournaments ?  Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.  College coaches, travel team coaches, players and parents opinions are welcome !

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  1. College Sports Exposure interviewed college coach Mike Lotief from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette at the June 28-30th ASA Gold Qualifer at Dyess Park in Cypress, Texas about why fewer college coaches are showing up at Texas ASA Gold Qualifiers in 2013 as compared to 2002. Mike replied that college softball coaches do not get a lot of days off in their profession. They only get time off in December and January. I can see this getting old for softball coaches quickly, especially coaches like the Lotief’s since they have children, Donna Fields at St. Mary’s since she has children, Connie Clark at Texas (she has been the coach for a while) and Coach Evans at TAMU (she has been coach at TAMU for awhile), the HBU coaches, just to name a few. These coaches just need a break and need to take some time off. What this means is marketing you softball playing daughter with a professionally made softball skills video is more important than ever !

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