Marketing the High School Softball Player for a College Softball Scholarship.

College Sports Exposure (CSE) interviewed Keith Bell at the Elite Showcase in Plano, Texas on the morning of July 12, 2014. Keith is a long time travel team coach, college softball assistant coach at UT Tyler and assistant coach at LeTourneau University for head coach Katie Bell. Katie Bell was one of the great players at The University of Texas at Tyler for Coach Mike Reed.

In the interview, Coach Keith Bell said that only 10 % of the travel team softball players receive college scholarships. This fact blew me away. I had no idea that only 10% of high school softball players got college softball scholarships, because as far as I knew > 90 % of the softball players that College Sports Exposure filmed got college softball scholarships. What this means is that when the high school softball player markets them self properly or CSE markets the player their probability of getting a college scholarship increases dramatically.

CSE offers three primary packages. One package is filming the softball skills video and giving the video in the form of a DVD or streaming video to the player and letting the player use this physical tool to market themselves. Quite honestly, I do not know how many of these players get college softball scholarships. I sometimes check back with the player’s family or their travel team coach and a large number do get softball college scholarships. The cost of this package varies from $250.00 to $350.00 depending on how many players film at one time.

Another package is giving the player some DVDs of their softball skills video and CSE e-mailing out their streaming video and resume to college coaches. Also CSE post their streaming video and profile on their password protected website at to keep the players contact information private between the college coach and family and invite college coaches to view them. Because CSE is involved in the recruiting process for the player, CSE knows that > 90 % of the athletes receive softball college scholarship offers. Some of these ladies have received college softball scholarships at Div. 1, D2 and NAIA colleges just off of the video when CSE is involved. This package ranges from $450.00 to $500.00, again depending on how many softball players film at one time.

The final package is the Exposure Package. Since CSE handles all of the marketing for these players we have very precise numbers. 91 % of Exposure Package players sign with NCAA Division 1 and 2 colleges. All Exposure Package players have numerous offers to play college softball somewhere. The Exposure Package is about CSE doing everything possible to get the softball player signed. CSE films and edits the player’s softball video multiple times, mail DVDs to select college coaches, e-mail streaming video and resumes to college coaches, post the player’s streaming video and profile on their password protected website, call college coaches about the player and meet college coaches at softball tournaments and watch the player together. This package cost $1800.00. This is a fantastic investment that is realized once the player receives a 50 to 100 % ride to a Division I or II college where annual cost ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

The bottom line is that a player increases the odds of a softball scholarship and increases the value of the scholarship if they market themselves or let CSE market them.
When CSE is involved in the marketing, the value of the scholarship usually increases.


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